Highest Quality Damascus Steel

GASTON knives

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Shipping and Delivery Worldwide*


If your delivery address is in

      USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina or Brazil

you can place your order directly in our shop and proceed with the checkout process.

*Other Destinations

If your home address is not in one of the countries listed above and you would like to place an order, please continue reading to find out how to get an estimate.

Please make a note of the article's name.
The dimensions you want and the quantity of the item.
You can send us your wish list as an email.
You can found the contact information in our imprint.
Please do not forget to enter your contact details,
especially the desired delivery address.

Please give us some time to check the possibilities to find a proper way of shipping and calculating the costs. You will get an email with detailed information from GASTON® with shipping cost and possible payment methods. We will also inform you when a delivery is not possible, or only possible with changes, e.g., quantity/weight.

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